6 Tips for Safely Removing Snow off Your Property

It’s that time of the year again where snow falls off non-stop and it piles up in the streets overnight. For others, it the white winter look is glorious and beautiful but for those who are residents of the area, it’s a nightmare sometimes. Daily routine are disrupted because you have to shovel off the snow from your driveway before you can get out. For business owners, if the pathway of the establishment is not cleaned up, customers won’t have interest in going in there.  

Removing Snow 

Removing the snow and ice is dangerous, especially for aging people. It is actually recorded that there are at least 17,000 people who visited hospital due to the injuries they got from shoveling off the snow. The driveway and walkway should be kept clean from snow and ice, if the accumulation is not thick you can do it on your own. The following are the safety tips we give you. But if you think it’s too dangerous, hire an Annapolis snow removal expert.  

Assess the Situation 

Assess yourself if you have the physical skills to do the shoveling. If you have a heart problem or history of injury, then you shouldn’t do this. Let the professional do his job.  

Dress Accordingly 

Professionals wear protective gears when they do a snow removal job, so should you. You might be tempted to shovel the snow with what you’re wearing but then you’d be prone to injury with it. Dress in layers, wear a head cover, warm socks, scars and gloves. Wear those waterproof booths that are slip-resistant.  

Begin with a Warm-up 

Shoveling is tedious; you should warm up your muscles first. Do light exercises or stretches so those muscles won’t be shocked doing the tedious work. It’s important to prepare your muscles and heart for the hard work ahead.  

Use the Right Shovel 

Most injuries are caused by using the inappropriate shovel. Before you go out there and start shoveling, make sure that the shovel fits the level of your strength and your body size. It should have a handle that is the right length of your height. Make sure you’re comfortable in using it, like it should be just the right weight. Don’t use the one which is too long or too heavy for you.  

Shovel in the Proper Form 

Now you’ve picked the right shovel for you, you should also make sure that you are doing the job in the proper form to avoid back strain. When you lift a shovel with lots of snow, keep your back straight; bend your knees and squat down. Do not throw the snow on the side or over your shoulder. Carry the snow to where you want to place it. Do not outstretch your arms while carrying the shovel, keep your arms close to your body instead. This will reduce the stress on your spine and back, thus no injuries.  

Shoveling the Deep Snow  

Shoveling deep snow is one of the most dangerous of all. To avoid great accumulation of snow, start removing it so it won’t be packed. Do not lift, push hard instead. If the snow is deep, better removing it by layers.  

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