How Can you Make Your Bathroom Easy to Maintain?

Nobody likes to clean the bathroom all the time—regardless if it’s scrubbing behind the loo, polishing dirty shower screens, or dealing with moldy grout. Luckily, some features of bathroom designs today can make it a lot easier for homeowners to clean and maintain them. Listed below are major design tips you can do to achieve that.

Fit a Smarter Toilet

Choose a smart toilet to make bathroom cleaning a breeze. You can opt for a smooth-sided WC pan that has a push-button quick cover and seat and a fully-glazed rimless bowl.

Maintain a clear floor

You can make mopping or sweeping the floor easier by installing a wall-hung WC. With this, you can bid farewell to the dreaded task of cleaning behind the U-bend.

Get the right ventilation

To make sure that you duct it properly outside, install a powerful extractor on top of the shower. High humidity levels can make it harder for you to clean your bathroom. Hence, you should leave your windows on “trickle vent” and never close the shower doors after you use them.

Install a bathing deck to a freestanding bath

Make sure not to install a freestanding bath too near to a wall because you’ll end up needing a stick to poke out the toilet roll inners and all the accumulated fluff. Rather, use a solid surface bath deck that can serve as a useful space for candles and toiletries while solving the cleaning issue.

Utilize high-quality materials

Never try to save money by utilizing cheap grout and silicone. It is highly recommended to only use branded mold-resistant grout and high-grade sanitary silicone sealant.

Change skirting boards

On your painted walls, replace the skirting boards with a skirting manufactured from easy clean tile.

Utilize less glass

You can make it easier for you to clean your glass with one of the silicone-free and new seal shower enclosures or a simple walk-in shower. The lesser glass surfaces and joints you install, the lesser maintenance it’ll need. It also helps to have a small squeegee prepared.

Remove dirt traps

Make sure not to fit ornate decorative cornices to your wall cabinets. Instead, it’s best to utilize a smooth top solid-surfaced material that can be cleaned easily like Corian.

Utilize large format tiles

Nobody likes to keep their bathroom grouts clean. Though small tiles have been widely used before, they will only let you clean over 3 times the grout compared to maintaining large format tiles. That only means that you’ll be required to do three times the work to keep a clean bathroom. Hence, it’s highly recommended to install large format tiles.

Remove matching cabinet plinths

You need to specify a solid or tiled surface plinth that’ll shrug off wet mops, scrapes, and knocks and make it look as good as new with just a short wipe.

If you want to have a bathroom design that can be cleaned easily, make sure to contact your trusted bathroom remodeling Aurora contractors today.


How Can Businesses Benefit from Epoxy Floor Coating?

If you choose to use epoxy floor coatings over a concrete floor can make a durable, hard-wearing, and high gloss surface. These floor coatings provide numerous advantages and benefits from the start of the installation stages toward steps for long-term maintenance. For instance, epoxy floor coatings are easy to clean, durable, and can be installed quickly. Due to the several perks that an epoxy floor paint can provide, this is a perfect flooring option for several situation types.  


Listed below are a few of the major benefits linked with opting for epoxy floor coating for your industrial or commercial building. Your newly installed epoxy coating will: 

Allow for easy and quick application 

High-quality epoxy floor coatings are self-leveling products. Meaning, these particular products enable the skilled and expert installers to efficiently apply epoxy floor coating on top of any old or new concrete floors. 

Provide an affordable flooring solution 

An epoxy flooring installation Tampa FL done by experienced and expert epoxy flooring providers is a cost-effective flooring solution for any business since the flooring outcome will be hard-wearing, durable, and could last for decades. Moreover, it will require little to no maintenance. Hence, you can save a lot from its maintenance costs.  

Provide an eco-friendlier flooring solution 

If you’re one of those companies that are looking for “green” building materials and alternatives, epoxy floor coating is ideal to use since they are considered an environmentally friendly flooring option.  

Boost productivity capabilities 

Using epoxy floor coatings in an industrial plant, warehouse, or factory can help minimize transport vehicles’ wear and tear, promoting a more efficient material movement, and keep damage and wear to the floor.  

Allow work zones and designated traffic 

The installer can utilize various products of epoxy floor coating of different colors at the same time to designate work zones, forklift traffic zones, and safety zones.  

Improve safety 

High-quality products of epoxy flooring products can enhance your safety by making a fire, heat, impact, and slip-resistant flooring solution. Moreover, such a high gloss floor coating can help enhance brightness in a work area 3x better.  

Be a surface that’s chemically resistant 

In terms of industrial plants, warehouses, and manufacturing plants, an epoxy floor coating is a chemically resistant flooring option.  

Give an attractive flooring surface 

High-end epoxy floor coatings tend to dry to an extremely gloss shine and can come in different styles and colors. You can also choose to utilize one solid color or come up with a decorative pattern by taking advantage of multiple colors so that you can make a durable and attractive flooring option.  

Make a seamless and easy to clean surface 

When you choose great epoxy floor coating products, they will dry and become seamless and durable surfaces that can be wiped easily to be free of debris, dust, and dirt. Due to this easy cleaning ability, epoxy floor coating services from the experts are perfect for packaging plants, pharmaceutical preparation, and the food beverage industry. 


Are Granite Countertops Worth the Money?

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, you’re probably thinking about installing a granite countertop. Though it is one of the most popular countertops out there, is it worth installing one? 


The answer to that question greatly depends on you. That is why we are here to help you make an informed decision. Today, we’re going to share with you some features of granite to help you know if granite countertops Orlando FL are worth your money and time. 


One of the biggest myths out there is that granite is difficult to install. However, that is not true. Though the installation is not a do-it-yourself project, installing granite countertops is not difficult. This is particularly true if you hire a professional.  

Also, you won’t have to worry about finding a professional installer. Most countertop stores provide free installation if you buy the countertop from them.  

Resistance to Heat 

Granite is a natural stone. Thus, it can endure high heat. Though this is the case, you need to keep in mind that countertops are not heatproof. This means that you can damage their surfaces if you constantly expose them to heat.  

You shouldn’t directly place hot pots on the surface to protect it from damage.  


As mentioned above, granite is a natural stone. Because of this, every countertop is unique. Every slab has different appearance. This offers you a range of textures and colors. Thus, if you choose to purchase a granite countertop, you can ensure that no other individual in the world has the same countertop slab.  

You should take your time to try various slabs. This will help you choose a countertop that complements the overall design of your house.  

You should not purchase a slab from the store. This is the general rule to follow. The reason for this is that the slab may look great inside the store. However, it will be different in your house. Because of this, you should bring the slab to your house and see how it looks. Keep in mind that the appearance of the slab varies depending on several factors, such as lighting.  


One of the most durable countertop materials out there is granite. All you’ve got to do is to seal the countertop and clean it regularly.  

While they’re durable, you should not slice, chop, or bake on them. The reason for this is that you are risking the surfaces for scratches.  

Luckily, granite countertops last forever if you take good care of them.  


You’ve probably noticed that countertops made from natural stone are expensive. The truth is that cost is one of the main reasons why most homeowners choose other materials.  

Though laminates are more affordable, they do not last as long as granite. Thus, you’ll have to replace them frequently. You will notice that granite is much more affordable in the long run, especially if you consider its durability.  

When purchasing countertops, you should not be in a hurry. This will help you get an excellent deal. Make sure you visit various countertop stores and compare the costs. Also, make sure you buy from a countertop store that offers free installation of your granite countertop 


Surefire Ways to Make a User-Friendly Website

Your website can be one of the most attractive sites around the globe. However, if your visitors find it hard to navigate on, you could fail to convert them to customers. That’s why it is important to hire graphic design Edmonton to help you achieve a user-friendly website. Here are some of the surefire ways to guarantee that your visitors will have a smooth user experience.  


Talk like a real person 

The more marketing-speak and jargon users need to determine once they visit your site, the less likely they’ll be engaging with your brand. A conversational and friendly tone will make it simpler for users to understand and read your content, as well as navigate your website.  

Use section headers to break up content 

As you deal with content-heavy parts on your website, you need to use headers to section them up. Regardless if it’s a product description or an article, section headers can provide you content structure and make it simpler to search and scan.  

Use calls to action to make it easier to find things 

Consider where you position buttons all over your website to ensure that users can find the important content a lot easier. For non-profit organizations, a “donate” button together with your navigation bar can make it simpler for visitors to make donations. Meanwhile, for an eCommerce website, to have buttons that say “shop now” will have a lot more impact compared to having a simple navigation link 

Streamline your navigation  

The more pages a customer needs to click and navigate to find what they are searching for on your site, the greater the possibility that they will be frustrated and eventually leave out your website. 40 percent of visitors usually leave after seeing only the first page for an average website.  

So, make sure to make your website easy to navigate and not to bury content. Never let your visitors search around for what they are searching for. Guarantee that your navigation should be logical and well-organized from a user perspective. Moreover, it needs to feel familiar so that users can instantly get what to do.  

Make a mobile-friendly website 

For your information, 70 percent of web traffic is coming from mobile devices. Meaning, there’s a great possibility that the first-time visitors of your website are using their smartphones. And once they have a negative experience while navigating it on this platform, you have just lost a client. Because of that, the key is to make your websites more mobile-friendly as much as possible. 

Provide users optimal search capabilities 

It’s very important to consider how your users will look for your website and how results will be shown. The search experience must reflect your navigation experience with how organized the results are. Adding features like auto-complete can make it a breeze from a user-perspective as well.  

Those are only some of the most important tips you need to consider to your website if you want more engagement from your clients.