How Can you Make Your Bathroom Easy to Maintain?

Nobody likes to clean the bathroom all the time—regardless if it’s scrubbing behind the loo, polishing dirty shower screens, or dealing with moldy grout. Luckily, some features of bathroom designs today can make it a lot easier for homeowners to clean and maintain them. Listed below are major design tips you can do to achieve that.

Fit a Smarter Toilet

Choose a smart toilet to make bathroom cleaning a breeze. You can opt for a smooth-sided WC pan that has a push-button quick cover and seat and a fully-glazed rimless bowl.

Maintain a clear floor

You can make mopping or sweeping the floor easier by installing a wall-hung WC. With this, you can bid farewell to the dreaded task of cleaning behind the U-bend.

Get the right ventilation

To make sure that you duct it properly outside, install a powerful extractor on top of the shower. High humidity levels can make it harder for you to clean your bathroom. Hence, you should leave your windows on “trickle vent” and never close the shower doors after you use them.

Install a bathing deck to a freestanding bath

Make sure not to install a freestanding bath too near to a wall because you’ll end up needing a stick to poke out the toilet roll inners and all the accumulated fluff. Rather, use a solid surface bath deck that can serve as a useful space for candles and toiletries while solving the cleaning issue.

Utilize high-quality materials

Never try to save money by utilizing cheap grout and silicone. It is highly recommended to only use branded mold-resistant grout and high-grade sanitary silicone sealant.

Change skirting boards

On your painted walls, replace the skirting boards with a skirting manufactured from easy clean tile.

Utilize less glass

You can make it easier for you to clean your glass with one of the silicone-free and new seal shower enclosures or a simple walk-in shower. The lesser glass surfaces and joints you install, the lesser maintenance it’ll need. It also helps to have a small squeegee prepared.

Remove dirt traps

Make sure not to fit ornate decorative cornices to your wall cabinets. Instead, it’s best to utilize a smooth top solid-surfaced material that can be cleaned easily like Corian.

Utilize large format tiles

Nobody likes to keep their bathroom grouts clean. Though small tiles have been widely used before, they will only let you clean over 3 times the grout compared to maintaining large format tiles. That only means that you’ll be required to do three times the work to keep a clean bathroom. Hence, it’s highly recommended to install large format tiles.

Remove matching cabinet plinths

You need to specify a solid or tiled surface plinth that’ll shrug off wet mops, scrapes, and knocks and make it look as good as new with just a short wipe.

If you want to have a bathroom design that can be cleaned easily, make sure to contact your trusted bathroom remodeling Aurora contractors today.