Surefire Ways to Make a User-Friendly Website

Your website can be one of the most attractive sites around the globe. However, if your visitors find it hard to navigate on, you could fail to convert them to customers. That’s why it is important to hire graphic design Edmonton to help you achieve a user-friendly website. Here are some of the surefire ways to guarantee that your visitors will have a smooth user experience.  


Talk like a real person 

The more marketing-speak and jargon users need to determine once they visit your site, the less likely they’ll be engaging with your brand. A conversational and friendly tone will make it simpler for users to understand and read your content, as well as navigate your website.  

Use section headers to break up content 

As you deal with content-heavy parts on your website, you need to use headers to section them up. Regardless if it’s a product description or an article, section headers can provide you content structure and make it simpler to search and scan.  

Use calls to action to make it easier to find things 

Consider where you position buttons all over your website to ensure that users can find the important content a lot easier. For non-profit organizations, a “donate” button together with your navigation bar can make it simpler for visitors to make donations. Meanwhile, for an eCommerce website, to have buttons that say “shop now” will have a lot more impact compared to having a simple navigation link 

Streamline your navigation  

The more pages a customer needs to click and navigate to find what they are searching for on your site, the greater the possibility that they will be frustrated and eventually leave out your website. 40 percent of visitors usually leave after seeing only the first page for an average website.  

So, make sure to make your website easy to navigate and not to bury content. Never let your visitors search around for what they are searching for. Guarantee that your navigation should be logical and well-organized from a user perspective. Moreover, it needs to feel familiar so that users can instantly get what to do.  

Make a mobile-friendly website 

For your information, 70 percent of web traffic is coming from mobile devices. Meaning, there’s a great possibility that the first-time visitors of your website are using their smartphones. And once they have a negative experience while navigating it on this platform, you have just lost a client. Because of that, the key is to make your websites more mobile-friendly as much as possible. 

Provide users optimal search capabilities 

It’s very important to consider how your users will look for your website and how results will be shown. The search experience must reflect your navigation experience with how organized the results are. Adding features like auto-complete can make it a breeze from a user-perspective as well.  

Those are only some of the most important tips you need to consider to your website if you want more engagement from your clients.